Hold the Line is a new movement focused on engaging with the church and young people across the country.

Our mission is to Inform, Educate, and Inspire the next generation of leaders to take a stand for what is right.

Hold the Line exists to:


Hold The Line is on the frontlines and vigilant in our effort to identify the next issues that may affect you or your family.


Our team aims to equip the next generation of leaders and the church with knowledge and understand on critical issues affecting society.


Our mission is to embolden the church and millennials to fearlessly proclaim truth to power.

What We Do

Hold the Line is significant for us as people of faith and Christians. As people who believe in the call of God on this nation, we have to Hold the Line. We have to Hold the Line for the forces coming after many of the foundational values and principles of our society, including:

Family and Life

Religious Liberty

Freedom of Speech

Limited Government

Moses led God’s people to freedom. Nehemiah rebuilt the ancient walls of Jerusalem. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to bow down and it changed the course of a nation. God uses His people to do His work.

Our world is descending into chaos and calamity, but God’s eternal purposes never get change and HE is always in control. The issues facing the next generation are unlike anything our nation has faced before. Our children’s educations are under attack; the last year of remote learning provided a shocking insight into the material being taught to children, and the lengths some teachers go to conceal what is being taught.

The world is pushing Critical Race Theory and a radical social agenda while denouncing the pro-life movement, religious liberties, and our law enforcement. Recently we even saw Democrat congressional leaders praising Hamas terrorists and condemning Israel’s right to defend itself from attack. We live in truly dark and dangerous times, but luckily, we don’t have the same mandate as the world.

Our mandate is to stand firm and Hold The Line!

We want to engage with the church and millennials to give them the courage to stand up and speak the truth to our government leaders. The desire of Hold The Line is a renewed faith in God’s power to once again draw our nation back to HIM!

The church, our leaders, and millennials across the country need clarity, context, and facts to boldly approach the great issues of our time. We want to help provide these resources through in-depth interviews, community outreach, and formal engagement with elected leaders, at events and conferences, and lots of fun Q&A.

Watch Our Conversations

A Message from Sean Feucht

When we first announced that we were running for Congress, we were joyfully overwhelmed and inspired by the hundreds of thousands of people who got behind our campaign!

I knew that we were going to start a movement!

Now, we are taking the momentum from our Congressional run to continue that movement through a new organization called Hold the Line.

Sean Feucht