We’re Taking the Kingdom to the Capitol

A Response to America’s Need for Revival

(first published on Substack on January 25, 2023)

America needs revival. For far too long, our nation has been poisoned by the enemy. Lies have been passed off as truth, and confusion has been sown and taken root. Turn on your television and you will see cross-dressing men exercising their sexual deviance, but calling it “family-friendly” entertainment. Children are being brainwashed into questioning biology, rejecting God’s most basic design, and replacing it with cooked-up human creations. We see pro-choice pastors extolling the virtues of abortion. People are disparaged based on skin color alone at all levels of society, and even in some pulpits. America. Needs. Revival.

But God is moving in America. This isn’t just rhetoric, it’s reality. To see the hand of God working, look no further than in the fight for our nation’s unborn. For decades we have prayed and interceded on behalf of the unborn. Millions of lives have been lost to the satanic scourge of abortion, and in 2022 the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade. Believers from all across America gathered in Washington D.C. on the steps of the Supreme Court, mere feet from where the life-changing ruling came down, and lifted up a shout of praise and thanksgiving for His faithfulness.

I believe God is moving powerfully in America. Year after year, we have gathered in Washington D.C. to pray for revival for America, and in 2023, we are taking that spirit to the states through our Kingdom to the Capitol Tour!

Crisis pregnancy centers and churches have experienced hundreds of incidences of violence and vandalism in recent years. Just weeks ago, the venue of our New Year’s Eve Worship Service was vandalized by left-wing radicals, although the broken window, vulgar graffiti, and other property damage couldn’t stop us from gathering to worship. The Bible tells us to expect persecution. And 2000 years of history tells us that persecuting the Church will never stop the gospel — it’ll only spark a wildfire.

The Church is needed now more than ever to continue to rise up and take effective action. In the past two and half years of Let Us Worship, we have worshipped God in the hardest and darkest places, bringing the hope of Jesus where people needed it most. And with the constant demonic agendas being legislated, there is no better place to bring the Kingdom in 2023 and 2024 than to each state capitol in America.

So, if you want to see revival come to America, you’re not alone. Stay tuned, because the Kingdom to the Capitol Tour is coming to a city near YOU!