Latest op-ed: Taylor Swift and the Devil

(First published via Substack on February 20, 2024)

We are engaged in spiritual warfare, locked in battle with both the physical and spiritual realms. Almost one year ago, I wrote an op-ed in hopes of bringing awareness to the spiritual battles, both seen and unseen, being waged all around us.

Last year, in my op-ed, “We are Fighting a Spiritual Battle – It’s Time We Start Acting Like We’re At War”, I wrote, “The Grammy’s incident is just the latest public demonic attack. Last year, we saw the Balenciaga ad campaign sexualize children. There is an ongoing agenda to confuse children into mutilating their bodies in the name of trans-ideology. The Satanic Temple even filed a lawsuit in support of religious freedom by claiming that abortion is a ‘Satanic ritual.’ Last night’s State of the Union highlighted just how much abortion is championed when the President proclaimed, ‘Make no mistake about it: If Congress passes a national abortion ban, I will veto it,’ as multiple Democrat legislators wore loathsome abortion pins.” 

I wrote that on February 9th, 2023. So why bring it up again? Because we’re still at war, and the enemy is ramping up his efforts to distract, discourage, and infiltrate darkness across our country. It seems many believers are still asleep at the wheel. On February 11th of this year, over 123 million people watched Super Bowl LVIII–the highest audience ever to watch a television program. And the gridiron was not the scene of the spiritual battle that unfolded.

For an event more defined by commercials than on-the-field play, we were treated to a nauseating amount of cutaways, highlighting celebs, athletes, the rich, and the powerful. For the duration of the game, the camera was glued to the luxury suite inhabited by Taylor Swift, an artist who has seemingly transcended the human bounds of worldly success, becoming an idol to millions across the world. Sitting next to her was a rapper named “Ice Spice” who has enjoyed overnight, meteoric success. THAT rapper was wearing an upside-down cross and flashed devil signs the moment the camera was fixated on her. This is not a conspiracy. All of America watched this unfold.

But we refuse to bow to discouragement and fear amid the battle we fight. Satan never had authority over all the earth, and what power he did have was dealt a fatal blow when Jesus died on the Cross and rose again three days later. However, until Jesus comes back, Satan still prowls around “as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” We must be AWARE, we must be VIGILANT, and we must be VOCAL about the truth of this world.

As we have been called to mobilize 100,000 prayer warriors for 2024 (and publish weekly prayer guides for free – sign up here), I cannot stress enough that THE BATTLE IS HERE.

We will win it in the place of prevailing prayer if we stay vigilant, awake, and more aware of WHO is with us than of who is against us.